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A few of you might have noticed that I disabled comments on all posts here. That’s because I’ve been moving all the posts and comments to a new site! In a few days, I’ll be making the chapters private on this blog. They’ll all be available on the new site though (along with any new things I post), so be sure to follow it.




[Novel] My Mister Ostrich Prologue

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Intro Ramblings from the Translator:

I really like coming of age stories, whether they’re about first loves, figuring out who you are, or just growing up and facing the world. Sometimes they leave a bittersweet taste, sometimes they leave me hopeful and yearning.

I had originally been looking at youth novels, but none of the ones I saw really pulled me in, so I decided to forgo that coming of age theme. But then I came across this. It’s not technically tagged as a coming of ageĀ story, but the beginning certainly feels like one. Compared to the angst going on inĀ The Left Ear,Ā My Mister Ostrich certainly feels lighter and sweeter, but that’s not to say it’s a fluff story.

You can check out the prologue and the first chapter to see if it’s to your tastes. I have a few chapters translated, so I’ll probably post one a day for a week or so. Then, depending on how much translating I do, I’ll adjust accordingly. I will warn you though that this is a long novel, at 112 chapters (and the chapters aren’t exactly short or anything either), and I think the story might feel a bit slow for some. ButĀ if you decide you want to join me on this journey, I hope you’re ready for the ride. I’ll try to post very regularly!

[Edit: I apologize for the many spelling and grammar errors to come, in advance.]

My Mister Ostrich

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